raven ioctl

A lightweight record-retrieval mechanism using RDF.

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RDF parsing

Recent fixes: the RDF parser should now accept some of the more broken bits of the spec: "about" and "resource" without an "rdf:" namespace qualifier. Also, it should no longer require "rdf:" as the NS-qualifier for rdf tags.

I've not tried this with IE recently but I think there may be problems with the line-ending characters it uses in a textarea. I'll look into it.

known bugs

The doctype tag is now eaten, but not required; abouteach* is unimplemented (it's tooooo broken for meeee!).

rdf:ID is a bit fudged; also, I don't do any automatic reification, so some uses of rdf:resource in a property definition will break.

OK, I'm prepared to accept "about" and "resource" tags without any NS-qualification, but I'm not going to accept <RDF> tags, this is getting silly... you don't realise how badly the spec needs fixing until you try to implement it :-)

see how broken this is...

Additional test data may be found at http://www.w3.org/2000/10/rdf-tests.