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General discussion

The RDF API discussion (long, dense) lives here. This has now been split into multiple sections for ease of maintenance.

An RDF-to-triples JavaScript implementation. Written as part of a proof-of-concept and because without writing a parser, I'd have never understood the damn RDF serialisation spec. This still contains a few bugs, but it's getting there.

Yet another RDF DB - this one in Java. Features: BerkeleyDB-based storage (storage mechanism outlined separately) - amongst others; multi-level Model implementation; proper anonymous nodes; API support for collections.

Why you might have to learn to live with use/mention in reification (or better still, fix your thinking): a pragmatic explanation that doesn't mention Superman or unicorns!

Lightweight record retrieval using graph matching

A lightweight record-retrieval constraint specification mechanism (as used - in a modified form - by the EASEL project) in (brief) outline.

The above parser is used in compiling the lwrr language into Prolog. (Proof-of-concept.)

Paragraphed numbers of the RDF M&S and Schema documents

Both RDFMS and Schema have been given this treatment. The URLs above will not change. You can refer to paragraphs by anchor ID (but the (Pnnn) aren't hyperlinks due to BASE tag interaction).

Clear as mud?

NTriples utilities

A rudimentary parser and ntriples comparison utility - this requires a C++ compiler that understands STL properly.

Test case manifest files

Summary of the options for creating a test-case manifest file. Also, an explanation of why I stuck the URIs for test documents in literals.