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(Otherwise known as 'submit-a-sig and get me fired'. Grow up, people.)

Like many greasy hackers, I use a random-sig-generator to choose a final tag line on all my outgoing emails. These are chosen from a pre-composed list and appear on everything I send.

I use these to demonstrate my wit and humour too all and sundry, be they friends, passing acquaintances, bitterest rivals in love, or my boss.

It's hard work maintaining such a list, and so I call on you to assist! Suitable tag lines should be no more than 76 characters long and only use ASCII-printable symbols.

Unique lines meeting these restrictions go straight into my live sigline database and may appear at any time on any outgoing emails I originate.

So give it a whirl! Donate to me your wit and ingenuity; all submissions are completely anonymous and will remain uncredited.