who'd be a politician?

the elation of election
an erection in an intern
in turn, the delegation
on a journalistic mission
press judicial action

no ration of compassion!
- the passion of Perdition
gives permission in a fashion
recollection sees attritition
before the lash of inquisition

ah! the elasticity of veracity
(the paucity of one's surety)
in the city of mendacity
their plasticity, their complicity
add a dash of pure iniquity

the transmission of transcription
"Make this my bordello!
Suck on this cigarillo!"

the pillow-talking fellow
would bellow from the basement
admonishment to follow?
or admiration at audacity?
dissembling and opacity
causes fission of opinion:
testicular activity -
a potentate's proclivity?
or derelict depravity?
what luck to fuck a minion!

a declaration to the nation
an omission of admission
no question of contrition
and the lesson from this session?
"is" has no simple definition

who'll have this politician?