Mixed Doubles

Three married couples were the only members to turn up at the spoofball club one rainy night. Despairing at length of any others arriving, they decided to hold an impromptu tournament, in which each married couple in turn played two mixed pairs each representing both the other families. As the players were of unequal strength, they resorted to handicapping, marking one man and one woman scratch, and giving one married couple the highest handicap each. As soon as either side had scored 6 the game was over, and the side with the larger joint handicap then added to its score the difference between its own and the other side's joint handicap.

The final result was most curious. The unfortunate Bakers were always on the side that scored less in play. All the scores-by-play were different, and the handicapping was so good that the final weighted scored (i.e. after the joint-handicap difference had been applied to the scores-by-play) were with one exception six-all, the exception being that when the Carvers played against baker and Mrs. Archer the handicap-difference of 2 left them still leading. The Archers' joint handicap was smaller than the Carvers'.

Question: What was each individual handicap, and what points were scored by play in each game?

A solution will soon be available.