Ho hum; don't you hate long downloads? While I'm waiting for Java 1.3, I thought I'd share this with you:

Little Wool

Each of the seven members of the Bird Fanciers' club of the village of Little Wool is the namesake of the bird owned by one of the others. Three of them have birds which are darker than their owners' feathered namesakes.

Mr. Crow's bird's human namesake is married; indeed, Mr. Dove and Mr. Canary are the only bachelors.

The raven's owner is Mr. Gull's wife's sister's husband.

The crow is detested by his master's fiancee.

Mr. Raven's bird's human namesake is the owner of the canary.

The parrot's owner's feathered namesake is owned by the human namesake of Mr. Crow's bird.


Who owns the starling?

Thought you'd like that one.

A solution is now available.