You've got Ruth to thank for this one. She recently gave me a compilation of logic problems from 1933. Some of them are a bit flawed (or just plain wrong - you couldn't get decent logic in those days) but this is a bit nice:

The humour in 1933 was a bit poor, too. It comes from having to make your own entertainment, I suppose. Anyway, I've done this one myself and it all adds up so give it a shot!


Extract from letter from Lady Blanche Hyena in M'Bangaland:

"We had a big game shoot yesterday. The other three guns were Lord Giraffe, Mr. Gnothing Gnu and Read-Admiral Lion.

"Our bag included lion, giraffe, gnu and hyena*. To give the day a competitive interest, we awarded so many points for each lion bagged, so many for each giraffe, and so on. They ranked in descending order as above.

"It was difficult deciding what points to give for a lion. No one, except Mr. Gnu, has so far bagged a single one!

"Eighteen points in all were scored. I scored the fewest, though I bagged most beasts! The Admiral and I between us scored the same total of points as the other two.

"Among us, by the way, we bagged three gnu."


A single question: how many beasts in all were shot by their own namesakes?

Scores: right answer, one point; coherent explanation of resoning: three points.

A solution is now available.