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Calendaring requirements.

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People and organisations

The W3C

There are a number of interested people at the W3C. The Semantic Web has an RDF Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group.

The IETF calsch group

The charter is available online. Their work includes a standard data model, a protocol for calendaring and group scheduling operations (the "Calendar Interoperability Protocol"), and a protocol for managing calendars over the Internet (the "Calendar Access Protocol").

They list plenty of prior work in this area. In particular, they make mention of these earlier efforts:


The ILRT is the home of a number of people involved (or interested) in calendaring; in particular, with the oh-so-attractive notion of having something else organise the hum-drum details of their lives :-) Most work here is aimed at the same target as the W3 Calendaring group, for obvious reasons...

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