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me as a (much more handsome) young lad

ugly kid jan

Hullo! Gruesome, isn't it?

What am I doing here? Everything. Where do you want to go today?
Everywhere. What will I be wearing? Hugo.

Hugo? Sure, Hugo for system administrators. Hey, life's a long
string of whinging users complaining about their toolbar disappearing
whilst in the meantime, your server room catches fire.

Travel light.

A brief explanation of the (lack of) organisation of my home page

It's my home, dammit, and I'll have it like I want it. Apart from that, I've tended to put slightly more work-related things first. Why? Well, it's not that I consider myself to be defined by the job I do. I do appreciate a good hack (in the old-fashioned sense of the word) - and my aesthetic sense leads me to find elegance in well-engineered software. (Both of these factors contribute to my loathing of Perl as a language, but that's a story for another day.) In short, I'm a bit of a hacker (or maybe I'm a bit of a short hacker - but which bit?) and I'm lucky enough to have a job where I get to do things that I enjoy. Well, mostly, anyway: hence the slight tendency of things here to be geeky.

I've broken out the useful bits of content from this; what remains is the cruft. You have been warned.

The cruft

The back burner, my work-related blog.

A few bits and pieces to do with JavaScript, language of choice for the discerning hacker.

A recent top ten booklist.

Stuff I do in my spare time - usually worked on at home on an excruciatingly slow P75 and a neat lil' Alpha workstation running OSF/1 (!).

Just like everyone else who's had to contend with a product or two that don't quite do everything you're after, I'm interested in calendaring applications.

Jukebox Icon Yet another glimpse into my working environment for the web-enabled voyeur to savour. This time, you get to see what music I'm listening to; you can make requests, too! All this and no more available at jan's jukebox. This has now been modified to use separate windows for the track and request list; it should perform somewhat more cleanly for non-LAN clients.

The primary use I can forsee for this is to repeatedly select Morrissey tracks while I'm away from my office in an attempt to drive my office-mate, Dan, to the brink of despair.

Should the desire take you, you can peruse the front of my fridge door.

Well, here's the obligatory and rather unappetising photo of me and a few friends. No pictures of my pets or my holiday in Ibiza yet - sorry. This has historical value in as much as it's the first web-page that I ever produced! (Barring some Perl-based database publication I'd done a year or so beforehand that hardly counts)

For someone who works at an internet-based institute, I don't get much chance to surf the web. Here you can see my test page, a collection of pieces of web-technology gimmickry. Some of this is quite old these days; it's really just a small repository of examples why I think javascript is all you need to run a successful Computer Science degree course and some increasingly dated CGI junk.

More spare time stuff: Euphrates and Tigris

Another gimmick! Submit-a-sig

Where's the lavoid-lamp gone? I got sick of it breaking Netscape and taking X with it.

Obligatory counter: this page has been accessed somewhat more than times in the last three seconds! Or not.

Getting Bison and Flex to cooperate in C++ with <iostream>

The Friday Problem Page

Every other Tuesday (or whenever else I get around to it), I'll pose a little problem that hopefully everyone can have a go at. I'm currently compiling an index of previous problems.

Solutions (where I can be bothered to write them up) will be posted too, just to show that I can do the problems too.

The right-brained bit

I am occasionally mugged by my muse. Police are still investigating; in the interim, why not peruse the evidence yourself, if you have the stomach for it?

My favourite "axe poem"; the "poet's lament"; a poem about my favourite pub. Beer. Anyone for an Altoid?, ASCII haiku.

For what it's worth...

My PGPGPGPGP key has the fingerprint: AEEF 12E4 34CA 292D A299  BAB9 8C27 8149 6989 7B81 ...but I rarely use it. Those who know me will know how bad my memory is; this is doubly so when it comes to passphrases :-(